Tell Party Leaders to help us fight disease, so children don't have to. It's time to end preventable child deaths.

*We've asked for your postcode so we can identify your local MP.

Children have the power to change the world, yet millions every year do not even reach their fifth birthday.

That is why Unicef has declared a War on Disease. War on measles, pneumonia and other preventable diseases that claim so many children’s lives around the world.

Will you join the resistance?

This World Children’s Day on 20th November, we’re asking Party Leaders to publicly commit to helping end the needless deaths of children under five across the world. And we need your help to tell them to act.

But the resistance won’t stop there.

The situation: In 2019, 20 million children are still not receiving the most basic vaccines, with 1 in 6 deaths of children under five due to pneumonia and 367 dying every day from measles. There can be no more casualties. We must stand up to disease now.

There are critical milestones between now and 2021 where we will ask you to join us in calling on the Government to lead the way globally to help end preventable child deaths. We're asking Party Leaders to set out their plans now to make this a reality.

Unicef helps vaccinate just under half the world’s children, and now we are rallying our troops to help us do so much more. We believe that every child should survive, thrive and fulfil their potential – and that is something worth fighting for.

Together we can win this war. Add your name now.